Low Maintenance Grass Seed and Organic Fertilizer Mix

Low Maintenance Grass Seed and Organic Fertilizer Mix

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Spend less time maintaining your lawn, mow and water up to 75% less!

Sun Country's grass seed and fertilizer mix provides the perfect start to your beautiful, sustainable lawn!

Each bucket contains 4lb of our sun & shade grass seed and 10lbs of Organic fertilizer and covers 500 - 1000 sq ft.

Canadian summers are short, so give yourself more time on the best days of summer with a maintenance-free lawn. With no need for chemical fertilizer, superior water and nutrient retention, along with a super-slow growth rate, our grass seed/fertilizer mix let's you spend more time enjoying your yard, and less time maintaining it, if you think you've see it all in grass seed....think again!


Cut only once a month.
Seldom or never water once established.
Healthy and safe. No chemicals needed.
Barefoot soft and stays green year round.
Save time and money.
Safe for children and pets.
Flourishes in all shade and all sun areas.


Fertilizer benefits:

  • Chemical free – no pathogens, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or herbicides
  • No application license required and requires no down-time after application
  • Complies with Dept. of Agriculture guidelines – safe on skin, lungs & organs
  • Easy to use – can not be applied incorrectly, no soil testing required
  • Produced in Canada – supporting Canadian farms and families.
  • Safe to use around kids, pets, and wildlife – including bees, birds and butterflies.
  • Great for use on crops, lawns, shrubs, bushes, vegetables, fruit trees, and more!
  • Slow release – helping to prevent leaching into rivers and streams.

Low maintenance Sun & Shade Grass Seed (4lb) & Sun Country Organic Fertilizer (10lb) Mix - Covers 500 - 1000sq ft