Eco-Bravo® PC

Eco-Bravo® PC

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The Eco-Bravo® PC (Water Sense certified), our “big brother” of the eco-series, uses our Patented Pressure Compensated Vacuum Flow Physics to deliver a surprisingly robust flow for an amazingly low price… considering it runs at just 1.6 GPM. Our hotel grade Eco-Bravo® PC is made of 70% solid brass and chrome ABS plastic for dependable, long-lasting performance. And it is has WaterSense certification.

Standard Flow Rate: 1.60 GPM
FITMM Value: 10.16 dynes
Performance Value: 6.45
Width: 4.0″
Height: 3.0″
Weight: 6.5 oz
Material: Brass & Chrome ABS Plastic

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Bricor Eco-Bravo® PC