Sun Country Farms

Sustainable Wild Bird Products

The Sun Country Farms Sustainability Story

In 2007, Sun Country Farms began their mission to become the world’s most environmentally sustainable wild bird seed company and prove that zero-emission food production, manufacturing and zero-emission value chains were possible.

Sun Country Farms wild bird seed manufacturing facility in Langham, SK, was the first company in the province to use 100% green electricity and the first wild bird food company to do this in the world. Sun Country created a processing plant that used their organic waste and the waste from farmers across Saskatchewan to enough bio-oil to offset the amount of energy to power the farm equipment and highway trucks used to produce and transport all of Sun Country Farm’s seed products.

Along with Sun Country Farms’ sustainable bird food, the team launched a line of high-quality bird feeders made from recycled plastic milk jugs, which to date has diverted approximately 1 million jugs from landfills.

By installing electric vehicle charging stations at participating retailers, Sun Country Farms has produced one of the first potential zero emission value chains in the world. Bird food can be farmed, cleaned, processed, bagged and distributed to the retailer and arrive in the consumers backyard with virtually zero emissions. The greenest bird food plant in the world is proving to the world that "the impossible is possible.”



The Sun Country Farms philosophy

Produce the world's most economically, environmentally and socially sustainable wild bird products


Ensure that you get more birds than ever to your feeders

Ensure that you get birds to your feeders that you have never seen before

Produce bird products without damaging bird habitat in the process

Leave the world a better place than when Sun Country Farms began