Nutrien Wonderhub

Sun Country has donated and participated in many fundraisers for the Wonderhub to help this amazing project become a reality.


Bridging the gap between school and home

Nutrien Wonderhub is a not-for-profit organization that fosters creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning in children and their grown-ups through hands-on exhibits, programming, and outreach.

We support intergenerational play and independent discovery. The museum is a safe space for children of all backgrounds and abilities to explore, experiment, and interact with the natural and built world.

Our Mission

To combine play with education, bridging the gap between school and home and attracting tourists through hands-on exhibits, programs, and outreach that celebrate art, science, technology, and the cultural fabric of Saskatchewan.

Our Values


Curiosity is a fundamental human quality—it’s what inspires us to imagine and create. We view curiosity as the catalyst for educational, entertaining, and often unexpected discoveries.


We are a children’s museum for all children. Through a combination of in-house and outreach programs, we provide ample opportunities for playful learning.

More than a museum

We design experiences that make us so much more than a museum. We are a community resource, an attraction, a destination, and an inclusive meeting place.


Through our commitment to delivering long-term, positive impact and influence throughout Saskatchewan, we establish ourselves as a donor-preferred organization and a sustainable brand.