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YXE Sun Country Ecostore is happy to announce we are an authorized dealer for the Vegepod Gardening System! A truly remarkable, self-contained raised garden bed, the Vegepod works perfectly with Sun Country Organic Fertilizer and Biochar to provide a sustainable way to grow your own veggies and fruit!





YXE Sun Country Ecostore launches in Saskatoon


Saskatoon's dedicated Sun Country Ecostore is here to bring our certified line of sustainable products to the Saskatoon Area. Proceeds will go to the Meewasin Valey and other sustainability initiatives that benefit our great city.





Sun Country Highway partners with Random Acts of Green to offer EV charging solutions on their app.


Random Acts of Green allows users to earn points as they perform green acts in their daily life. The green points can be redeemed for discounts at various ecologically friendly websites, including Sun Country Highway!


Earn 10% off our EV charging solutions by logging 10,000 green points!





Sun Country Exclusive!


Sun Country is pleased to announce we are the exclusive Canadian supplier of the Toilet Saver Flush System, the easiest way to save water and you don't even have to throw out your old toilet!




Sun Country Highway sponsors Saskatoon Co-op Car Share, Western Canada's first solar powered EV car share program! The fleet features 5 Chevy Spark EVs located at convenient locations in Saskatoon.


Become a member today!






Sun Country is proud to support Meewasin Valley Authority and donate bird seed to Beaver Creek Conservation Area.





Watch highlight's of Kent's journey as he created the world's longest clean energy highway!





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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installed on Campus

We're pleased to announce the installation of an electric vehicle charging station on The King's University campus thanks to the fundraising efforts of our students. The new charging station is free and open to the general public.

Electric vehicles have become mainstream in Canadian society as people look for green and energy-efficient alternatives for transportation.  In Canada, over 20,000 electric vehicles have been sold and it is now possible to drive across Canada thanks to a growing list of electric charging stations.  The new station at King’s contributes to these efforts as it is the first public location on the east side of Edmonton. 

In early 2016, Kent Rathwell from Sun Country Highway challenged students to make personal choices in their purchases that aligned with their words on caring for the environment.  He touted electric vehicles as one simple option. Not only do electric vehicles make sense financially but they have substantially lower GHG emissions compared to gas cars. Students took up Kent’s challenge and raised funds to install the charging station in order to make green choices more appealing. A level II EV60 charger from Sun Country Highway is installed.